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Unreal Engine taking over production

Real-time rendering is a critical example of the new film technology associated with virtual production, an emerging set of practices through which filmmakers combine virtual and physical elements into one seamless whole. Real-time rendering is a powerhouse technical solution that allows changes to a digital environment to be made near-instantaneously, without the tediously long render times that once cramped the cinema CGI workflow.

Real-time rendering opens the door on an endless parade of film innovations that could exponentially increase a crew’s capacities for collaboration and experimentation. By being able to both see and alter the interactions between physical and digital components in literal real time, filmmakers can work faster with more precision and more options than ever before.

While real-time rendering is intertwined with the most exciting examples of the latest cinema technology, this new film technology was birthed by the technical necessities of the video gaming industry. Both the Unreal Engine and Unity have harnessed the 3D freedom of video games to shape the future of filmmaking technology.

From traditional animation to green screen to hybrid filmmaking forms that are just now emerging, real-time rendering is changing the conversation for the ‘tech in entertainment’ circles everywhere.


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